Voices for Healing: Connect with Your Angels

We had a wonderful conversation/interview on Voices for Healing with Cathy Roberts.

Now it is available in archive for you to enjoy. I hope you will.



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We see your Self and your world emerging more fully each day into the light. An image you may have from our view: you are cleaved in pieces and the emergent Self becomes more brilliant even as the parts of the old fall away. You have not completely broken free, yet the skin of the old is like a dead shell. You are the live One. Ah yes.

The feeling of this image is true for many now. The old ways have no power over you. The ways of equality and justice grow. Vitality and hope grow. This is you today.

emerging light

We encourage you and we cherish you, now in this new tender time. Be gentle with yourself. Go easy. There is no rush in this inexorable move toward wholeness. You are learning joy. You are learning it in yourself, day by day, even moment by moment. It will be the new currency and you will know it and possess it in abundance.

How to move through such a day? In grace. In gratitude that you have the ability to grow in consciousness, that you have the ability to change a thought, that you have the skill to choose another thought if you find yourself in worry or fear or regret. How brilliant that you can do these things.

We adore to be in connection with you. Let our love streams fill you instead of any old limiting, confining, constricting thought. This is how our love for you can support you in every circumstance. Stop the thought. Feel our loving you. Go on from there. Some say it is like rain, or breeze, or ocean air, like flowers, or a meadow.

Stop whatever else you are doing or thinking.
Let us love you now.

This is so simple and yet so effective. The love you receive is pure and flushes out any other vibration. In a moment you can start fresh.

We love you in your continual emerging.

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Every Day We Love You

Even when the mind wavers, goes off its equilibrium, ventures into old territory of unhappy or blameful thinking, we are loving you. These surface patterns of your mind cannot touch the purity and gracious openness of your true being. This is where we know you. Always it is so.

You have enough awareness to catch yourself when such old thoughts arise. Then you have enough wisdom to say, “Stop.” You may release a thought and you may find something else on which to place your attention. Your own body is a lovely place to begin. Your heart beats. Your breath easily flows in and out. Your eyes open to colors in the changing landscape. Your toes wiggle. Your hands can touch rose and jasmine blossoms; reach them and enjoy them.

There is no fault in thoughts. You have power in such discrete and subtle ways that you can turn from any line of thinking. And if you do not want to think at all, you can simply sit and connect with us, your Angels, for joyous ease and peace to fill you. We love you. We embrace you. We quietly help you in every way that you allow.

What is going on in you is the real-time transformation of a human life through grace, love, attention, guidance, and choice. You can be both pleased and proud of your engagement in this endeavor. Just as you are, just how you grow is the way. Every day we love you. Every day we support you.

We bless the turning of your thoughts toward wholeness. We bless you right now.


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Growing in Light Frequency

We are with you as the first thoughts of the day begin. You offer to us the organizing of your day. You speak your quiet words of gratitude and alignment. You begin to radiate light. These first moments of the day give you a foundation for grace and beauty through your day no matter what the circumstances.

The surface of your world is shaking, changing, transforming. The weather patterns seem unusual. Your beautiful Earth is doing her adjustments as the energy frequency rises. You of humanity are adjusting every day as well. Do you notice that you feel more contentment and calmness? The sun on your face, a breeze, wind through the trees, your animals who love you—even such moments as these can be overlit. A moment of grace. It is not hard; it is not far from you.

As the conditions of your world change dramatically, we wish you to know that there is no use to fear or worry. Keep your attention on what is good for you, what is working for you in your life right now. What is in front of you and around you that supports your ease and deepens your appreciation? Many people worry out of habit. Now you may find that habit is naturally lessening in you as it serves you not at all.

What serves you is beauty, creativity, love, gratitude: words for feelings and states of being that enhance your awareness and your joy. You are all growing in your light frequency, your light capacity. Quite naturally you are radiating more of who you are.

We are with you in every stage of expansion. Our light enhances and feeds your own. So you might have a moment of utter happiness in the middle of the afternoon. Have it. Feel it. Allow it. This is a way your Angels and your joy intermingle.


We love you so much.

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We Are Ready

These are times of mastery and deep magic. Overflowing light floods and penetrates all of humanity. All the creatures, all the trees, the plants and birds, the rocks and crystals receive fully. The awakening of humanity is ongoing. It is inevitable. You are part of it.

We are ready to help you, to sustain you, to comfort you, to offer soul nourishment, and to love you. Always. We can help you reach your dreams if you are in alignment with them. That means you are open to our assistance; you are holding no doubts or fears or any kind of resistance. If you find resistance within you, let us help you dissolve it. Each step of every way can become easier and clearer.

We ask that you center yourself, feel us with you, so near. Let our peace penetrate you. Be it, even for a moment, calmly and deeply. In these days of transformation, you can be in touch with your calm and peaceful Self. You can radiate ease. Smile with your eyes and your heart.


We are your Angels. When you remember to invite us in, you remember that instant ease and it is true again. We are with you. This is how we move with you. When you walk into a room, call us to walk by your side. We can be this calming presence.

Joy is at the heart. Do you feel it? Joy is also your birthright. Do you allow yourself to find and feel joy? Small joy too—the smile of a friend, clouds in billows and shapes, birds on the wire, things that work, fresh fruit, clear water. All day long you can find joy. It is your own soul you nourish by this attention. It is your choice, your eyes, your seeing.

Each day and each week of your time is momentous. Change from within is evident every where. Do you see it? Are you part of it? Invite us, your Angels, to be with you through it all. We love you. We delight in you. We surround you.

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Self Appreciation

In the end it will be Self Appreciation that will turn you around. Everything you look for in others must ultimately be found within. This is the long view. Every moment of Now may not have it, but you touch it even with the thought, and now catch it also in the words.

How well you are doing, though you know it not. So much is in flux that your entire sense of yourself can be changed by what you place your attention on.

Appreciate your body that functions so well, managing trillions of cells automatically, without you doing a thing. Please breathe a breath of appreciation now.

In addition you are integrating enormous amounts of high-frequency light. The full moon heightens the high registers of experience. The sun light and moon light currents are very strong. Add meteors across your sky.

Starry night sky

Breathe light within for maximum absorption.

It is a powerful time. Yes. All will be well.

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Send Angels

Dear Children of Light,

Your time comes ever nearer to emerge fully from the darkness. Not a sky of darkness, but from every shred of pain in your beautiful bodies or minds or memories. Any sorrow you have experienced has taught you; any joy has enhanced your ability to be light. Every experience has been in keeping with your actions, thoughts, and wishes. The most subtle level of energy—your conscious attention—is the director of the movement. You do well to find stopping places, moments of quiet, moments of peace, moments of gratitude, and moments of pleasure. A soft breeze, a piece of fresh fruit, the easy sound of a bird singing, the voice of a loved One—all can be nourishing for you.

sea light

Let the beauty of this world be available to you even amid the harsh circumstances that still make up the headlines. Death and mayhem may be occurring, but in the larger context of peace-making. We say again, there will be no war. War is of the old. The new ways of living are emerging from within you. These include new ways of using resources and new ways of forming communities with joined purpose. It will not be long now.

The dirt and sludge of corruption rise to be washed away. Do not be afraid of being a peace-keeper in your heart. Your mission is powerful in this way. Every time you hear a place name with trouble, every time you see a face in suffering, send light, send us. Send Angels immediately. Let your minds begin to be settled enough to see. Just a flash, just an instant, you may see or sense. Now from your good hearts, send. From your benevolence, send.

We love you.

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