Quietly Shining

You are quietly shining. The quality of light so many of you are now displaying is truly wonderful. It means the amount your bodies can carry as “normal” has increased again. You are nearly all light, as we see you now.

As you know, there are still thoughts and actions based on old patterns, but the patterns are rather faint and without the solidity and ingrained nature they once had. They are more like memories of patterns,  shadows of the old 3rd. This is a most exciting phase, because you are actively and consciously learning every day, with every thought, that you are becoming beings made of light.

Your lives as members of the Galactic Federation are coming to the fore; your identity as limited beings trapped in the sadness, lack, loss, and anger of the old world are diminishing. It is happening every day.

This knowledge and these experiences can afford you great ease. Your ease will support your continuing growth in consciousness. All is well, dear Ones, all is well.

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