There Is Nothing to Do

We are with you now. Feel us. Feel the softening surround and enter you. There is nothing to do. No action is required of you right now. Be the place where our true lovelight reaches you, surrounds you, penetrates and saturates you. Just be this now. Breathe with ease and gratitude. You have chosen and are choosing now again to align with the best of energies and thoughts. You set the tone of the day by these few minutes.

Consistently you break away from the crowd mentality of noticing and commenting on what is seeming wrong. While we assure you that the remarkable and vast unfolding is occurring widely and individually, each person is experiencing it uniquely. Each person has and makes this choice by every word and thought.

Softly now we blow into the center of your chest. We blow to fan the Violet Flame of truth. It flares up in you. It burns up negativity and dross. So again, what seems to be your very small choice to invite us in, align with the light of truth, let the Violet Flame grow—these enhance your entire being. They loosen the pull of habitual thought.

The moments when you first awaken are when the pull of habit is strong. The momentum to unconsciously think the same thoughts has been powerful. But by your quietly paying attention—now for all these mornings—you catch yourself. At first thought you stake your claim on light by your practice here. So each morning, each day, you build your light vehicle, your light body.

And in each instance of ease and relaxation into the truth of your light, you enhance the light of all.

Best for all is the growing revelation. Best for all.

We applaud your steadfastness. We love your willingness to explore, expand, understand and grow.

You are doing so very well.

With love and inflowing grace we are with you. Be well.

All is well.

We love you.

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2 Responses to There Is Nothing to Do

  1. Jenny says:

    Thank you my friend!


  2. Christine Bakalis says:

    I am so very happy to see your energies and skills come together on this beautiful blog. Your angel messages are welcome in my life. I can certainly use a dose of: You are loved just the way you are! your friend, Christine


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