You Are Always Shining

In our eyes you are always shining light. That is the largest part by far. The small thoughts of grumbling or finding fault are very old habit patterns—some of the oldest, we might say. So if you are aware how it feels to think them and you do not like it, if you wish to abandon such old practices—that is an excellent choice and it is a higher frequency thought.

Every day now waves and waves of potent energy and light are penetrating you, enlivening the best in you. The best in you is the best for all. When so much high-frequency light flows into you, all that is not of its vibration gets churned up. And voilà—you find yourself grumbling about what presents itself.

We say that even though this feels not great, it is great. It is great to be aware of what you feel. It is great to be able to change how you feel. Humanity’s great evolution lies in this awareness.

Let what falls away fall away. You need not kick anyone out the door. Natural separation occurs until all will come together in the true Oneness.

We love you wildly and without hesitation. We love you fully and deeply and thoroughly. That is how love is. This is who you are.

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