Each Monday Morning

We are with you in the morning and in the clear night. We tune to your sleeping mind to send you pictures of things to come. As you integrate such images and ideas, your vibration accommodates them and rises. Then the whole atmosphere is charged with clear thought/light for the good of all.

You can begin to imagine how this might be as it occurs in so many. Each Monday morning now on the planet another whole segment of humanity has risen in vibration; their natural, normal frequency is finer, more refined than even one week ago. What were once dreams of the far future are now clear ideas. Plans and blueprints, projects and applications become clear; their development into real prototypes and systems can happen quickly and organically. People meet the right people for their growth. In this way new possibilities and beliefs come naturally into the collective mind and heart.

This kind of energy is electric and magnetic. When people join, especially in a location  where they can be soothed by the forest and the streams and the clean air, they can become pure receivers. To join is to touch, enhance, enliven, ground, center and distribute light.

That is what you will do together. All the participants will benefit by their energetic contribution. The area will grow in its light potential.

Much can come through when all come together. Many after will benefit by the joining now.

You are doing so well. We love you always.

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