Be in Your Quiet Gladness

We are with you when your first thought comes each morning. As you give over to us the organizing of your day, such lovely interactions and good timings are in evidence. How smooth and sweet the moments of human life can be. Everything really is better when we are “along for the ride.” We smile because soon it will be much more than riding that we are along for! Indeed, much more.

We expect more changes to be in evidence. Things will happen quickly. All the agreements and treaties and procedures are in place, as you say, “signed, sealed, delivered.” So let your hearts begin the expansion in image and imagination of yourselves as full sovereign beings. Enter the awareness of your unlimited nature, your infinite possibilities. In this month these “impossible dreams” will seem closer to reality.

The more you know this and walk this truth, the more you radiate it out all around you. This is the energy that draws the people to meet in Sweden. Everyone wants to drink from this, feed from it, find nourishment in the light of Truth that you all embody more and more. Do not be hard on yourselves for what you are not; you are our dear Ones and we love you, embrace you, support you, encourage you, and take great delight in joining with you.

Be in your quiet gladness and know you are contributing to this great awakening. Here and now in your life, in the marketplace, in the neighborhood, in the forest, even on the road you are calming the very air.

So your job now is to be glad. Be clear. Be true. Be real. Be beautiful. Be joyous. Be you. The new you emerges. We see you. We love you.

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