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Be glad for love however it shows itself. Be grateful that hearts hold you in loving attention. It is light that is so attractive, the quiet vibration of ease that is now part of your energy signature. It feels good … Continue reading

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Gracious Fullness

We greet you in joy and appreciation for your fortitude and your steadiness. Nine months have passed since 21.12.12. Here you are, stronger, clearer and deeper. Your light is unimaginably brighter. No one knew how it would be in this window … Continue reading

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Bright Moon

The bright Moon and the Earth in a dance. This powerful portal, another energetic window. An opportunity to feel the change as it moves through you, enhanced by the light of the Moon. Oh children of Earth, drink in this … Continue reading

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The Light

The Light is unconditionally loving insightful wise kind generous and gentle forever.

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Feel Your Kindness

The Days of Awe. The last day, now as you are written for another year in the Book of Life. What you really know now is that we are with you. You know this in your dream body. You know … Continue reading

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A Touchstone for Peace

We love you. We love you today on this day that is so mixed with memory and desire. The memory is from the old; the desire is for the new. The desire is so much stronger now, as truth seeps … Continue reading

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A Platform for Ease

Each of you is of inestimable value. In the universe you are valuable as a unique soulprint. In your Earth world, you are valuable for the lives and vast experiences you carry. You have been many beings, all of whom … Continue reading

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Prayers and Blessings for the New Year

A new year. A new beginning now. How can we be in the new energy for our good? Help us to live Best-for-all. These quiet mornings are golden. The sun is clear, the late berries and tomatoes ripen as the … Continue reading

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Changes to Inner Perceptual Apparatus

This is a place between worlds. A water world, but you breathe air. In an enclosed tunnel, but no bad or ugly connotations. Merely a way to describe a location. Straight colored bits of thoughtlight, in red, white, blue, green, … Continue reading

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