Changes to Inner Perceptual Apparatus

This is a place between worlds. A water world, but you breathe air. In an enclosed tunnel, but no bad or ugly connotations. Merely a way to describe a location.

Straight colored bits of thoughtlight, in red, white, blue, green, yellow, purple, brown, chartreuse. At first they looked like Leggos. It took some minutes of tumbling to see they were thought forms. They became softer, more malleable, like gummi worms.

This insight came as the Angels were adjusting the aperture (above the crown chakra) for more refined perceptual thought. The emerging comprehension that how we think has been in structures, like bones, which have been habitual.

Now, not only what we think but how we think is fundamentally changing.

New ways to perceive become available. Because of changes in our inner perceptual apparatus, only best-for-all solutions can arise.

A blessing to see and know.

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