Prayers and Blessings for the New Year

A new year. A new beginning now. How can we be in the new energy for our good? Help us to live Best-for-all.

These quiet mornings are golden. The sun is clear, the late berries and tomatoes ripen as the trees begin their turn into Fall colors. It is fullness as it moves on. It is your fullness as it grows naturally into more. You are the ripening fruit after this long growing season. It has been months as well as years and lifetimes. Now that you arrive at this golden time, you have the eyes to see the graciousness of Creator. The Mother’s Plan is unfolding in its perfection, even now.

Do not go into doubt where the minds of men wander. Do not hear their fear and the rattling of old swords. There can be no big war; we and the Company of Heaven will not allow it. There can be skirmishes between the stubborn factions, but no large-scale incursions will occur. The minds and hearts of most of the people now are turned against war.

Happiness and prosperity are your future. Peace is your forever home. We guide you and we support you every day in choices for this greater good. Such a day for quiet contemplation and renewal serves all of humanity.

Make prayers and blessings with your hearts open. Let the great I AM Presence be at your core. Let your eyes see the abundance and good will around you.

We are with you in these moments before activity and we are with you in the fullest activity. Be in the world with our peace and our unending love. All will be well.

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One Response to Prayers and Blessings for the New Year

  1. Jenny says:

    Reading this at the end of the day is as good as reading it at the beginning.


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