A Touchstone for Peace

We love you. We love you today on this day that is so mixed with memory and desire. The memory is from the old; the desire is for the new. The desire is so much stronger now, as truth seeps out and seeps in. Your hearts recognize truth. Your hearts feel truth more with each passing day. And so, as discernment is growing, there will be more knowledge and clear truth for you to absorb. peace

The story of this day is layered in mistruth. It was fabricated by the few to entice the many into false beliefs and irrational actions. There may have been other ways for you to learn discernment, but now this is the way you will be educated. Such a travesty of justice and honor will never be allowed to occur again, so now is the time to learn from it. When the bells ring, when the names are read aloud, send light to the families so tragically affected by the original events. Their loved Ones are sending them love and healing from the realms where there is no suffering.

The collective cry of the people is now more for peace than ever before. And we tell you peace will come. It is nearer than you think. It is in each heart more and more. Today can be a touchstone for peace, joining the different streams of yearning into one great and unstoppable force. Peace is coming for your world, dear Ones. Let today stand as a firm expression of peace in your hearts.

Your future in peace is assured, but each of you must find it first in your own heart. This day can be a repeatable reminder of your deep commitment to peace.

We bless you and we support you. Always, every day, this day, each day, we love you.

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