Feel Your Kindness

The Days of Awe. The last day, now as you are written for another year in the Book of Life.
Angel Most Luminous
What you really know now is that we are with you. You know this in your dream body. You know this in your quiet thoughts. You know this in your heart. So we ask you to trust this knowing, trust this quietness, trust this heart. The rumble and tumble of the outer world has less impact on you. Let this day demonstrate your true ground of being, today and into the new year.

It is a new time for you and all of humanity. The turning is happening in each One, each day more. A day like today, a day of reflection, gives you a clear break and a steady point of reference.

We have watched you through this year. We have seen the increasing light in you. Now you are established in light. This year will confirm back to you your own growth. Look for signs. See the coming of miracles, just suited to you, so you will recognize them.

Feel your kindness knocking on the walls of the old thoughts, the old ways. Tearing down those walls inside yourself with your own kindness is your still and excellent work. It is ongoing. You are doing so very well.

You will see rapid strides toward peace on many fronts. The momentum of the new energies and the continued upgrades in frequency is now unstoppable. Change comes across you and through you in waves, so your experience can be of chaotic rushes and calm, placid stillness.

In all of it, throughout time, and in the perfection of the moment that is now, we love you. We bless you, your effort and your surrender. We walk with you grandly and tenderly into this season of increasing—profoundly increasing light.

Bless you, every perfect heart who reads or sees or feels us with you.

We are grateful for the photo from our gracious friend, Darius Gottlieb. See his work at

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