Gracious Fullness

We greet you in joy and appreciation for your fortitude and your steadiness. Nine months have passed since 21.12.12. Here you are, stronger, clearer and deeper. Your light is unimaginably brighter. No one knew how it would be in this window of transition; no one in Heaven or on Earth knew exactly how the human collective would grow during this time. What you have done is unique for each and supportive for all. What you have accomplished has never been done before in all the history of light.

When you drop down from your mind into your heart, when you step out from the trappings of ego, when you sit in your pure wholeness, you are still and you are free. Many of you now—through aligning with the great I AM Presence, through meditation, through prayer, through chanting, through yoga and dance, through being in nature—you have found your center. There abides such a perfect heart of knowing, a perfect heart of wisdom.

Your stillness is not so much a point as a field. It moves out from your core and affects all things, from the most subtle to the most obvious. Like folds of white velvet, like snow everywhere falling, like sunlight across water, it is in you and through you and all around you. See if you notice.

The new is subtler, brighter, softer. More comprehensive understanding is unfolding in you every day. Your radiance is expanding. The world reflects back your abundance. Gracious as an old apple tree, laden with fruit.Apple tree

Be easy in your fullness. We love you beyond measure. We bless you now.

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