Be glad for love however it shows itself. Be grateful that hearts hold you in loving attention. It is light that is so attractive, the quiet vibration of ease that is now part of your energy signature. It feels good to be in communion with that. You represent the growing goodness in humanity. This is only increasing, so you may be rightly glad.

Do not, however, get caught in the fears of others. They are not actually real, but shadows of past fears flickering within them. People are not so quick to believe all the good that is coming, so you must be clear and steady in your knowing. It will be revealed—and quite soon now—that another way of living on Gaia is possible, is probably, is imminent.

Be of good cheer going forward. Have the discussion that is offered you. Receive the good will, the help, the support, the aid—just not any fear that is behind it or underneath it. You are doing so well. You will not falter now. The Law of Attraction is operating in your life as it is in all life in this universe. Such an expression of good will is in response to your good heart. Receive that. Keep your attention on that. Good will is at the core of all that is happening here. Receive it in gracious appreciation, with a peaceful heart. We love you.

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