Rising Energies

We love you always. We can be with you at any time. [You don’t have to post any of this] Just receive it and it is caught down; the vibration is entered in your energy signature. This is the work you are all doing, whether you write or not. Fretting is a thing of the past. You are already living so well. Soon the outlook will be sublime, in all ways, in all aspects.

The rising energies are at another point of crescendo. The music will go on, but the entire timbre of the score will be changed. Unimaginable—yet fully imaginable if you allow yourself to dream so big. Oh the excitement you will feel so very soon.

You are on the threshold of enormous change. Your position faces you fully forward, even though there is great turmoil and breakdown around you. The promise of your future is real and now imminent. You are in the thick of it. You can feel the drag of the old as it sputters, crumbles, and falls. The old ways fail, but you do not fail and you do not falter. Your hearts are strong. Keep your attention on what is steadily rising—the good will of the people and the global move toward parity and justice.

In this moment we ask that you stop and remember. Easily breathe in and breathe out. The light reaches you no matter where you stand. Everyone on Earth can be in the light now, even if it is diffuse. The light is always shining.

The Mother has asked that you call in her magnificent blue light. Her clear blue energy can profoundly help with grace and with clarity. Please breathe that sparkling, clear blue into yourself. Bring the clear blue energy directly into your heart.1 Receive it and share it.

In your vanguard position, you are wisdom holders, you are teachers by living example. Your light energy is magnetic. This is what people “see” unconsciously. Now more people are getting used to seeing, feeling, experiencing light. Breathe in light.

Our rendez-vous with love happens when you go out and shine on the people.

We love you always.


1 See http://counciloflove.com/2013/10/universal-mother-mary-gifts-us-with-her-clear-blue-energy-and-asks-us-to-use-it-this-week/

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