Blue Light

A blanket of blue light is carefully, everywhere descending, penetrating, soothing, calming and clearing. The Mother’s love is made tangible in this huge gesture of acceleration. A blessing for all of Earth. If you can do nothing, then do nothing. Do nothing easily. Let yourself have this time of transformation. The light will continue to descend and penetrate everyone.

The rushes of memory and association rise up in you. The clear blue light descends. The foam surging around you is the detritus of all this multidimensional cleansing and clearing. St. Germaine’s Violet Flame can assist here. Let it all go. Burn it up. Be that vessel for consciousness and light to fill. For love to fill.

You are all doing so well. Even the bumbling politicians are letting go their hold. Nothing can withstand the pull of the Mother’s energy and light. In support of Earth, false grids fail and corporations tumble. The better to build a new world with, our dears.

Be in peace. Our love is with you now. All will be well.

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