Another Kind of Ease

If you have no questions, your mind thinks you cannot sit and write with us. Now you know that is not so. If you have no questions, it could mean a deeper dropping, a deeper relaxing into, a deeper letting go. Yes, many old habits of thought, patterns of action, ways of responding, things you used to believe about yourself and your world—all dissolving into less dense strands of light consciousness. Such strands cannot bind you. You can only become more free.

It matters not if you write, if you post, if you connect telephonically. This huge connectivity is going on everywhere. So many networks of light, networks of grace are operating. Old media channels cannot catch and monitor this activity, but it is happening. We see it. We see you loosening out of your third-dimensional bodies and emerging into your grand bodies of light. Not your final vehicles, but very bright and so clear as you rid yourselves of these old, false ways of perceiving. Your reality is changing, be assured of that. Even these government shenanigans are in service to the new world consciousness emerging.

We are already rejoicing with what we see. We tell you these changes are going on—within your bodies, your hearts, and your perceptions.

We love you. We bless you. We are with you. Now.

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