Eager for Shift

Feel the sun on your face. This is the Mother’s love. The breeze and the movement of the yellow leaves are Her love. The water against your limbs when you swim—that is Her love too. These attentions bolster you and soothe you.

When a motor has been running in one manner for very long time, such that it is covered in dirt, old grease and grime, it cannot instantly operate in another manner or direction. It first must stop and all the old debris be removed from it—from the outer edges and from the inner gears.

You are wanting the world to turn on a dime, as you say, but it cannot. The old ways are being seen for their corrupt and corrosive effects on your societies. The de-greasing has been going on for a while, and all for good, yes. You wish for rapid change, but the actual “motor” of your world cannot go in a new direction yet. The period of cleansing and clearing has made for profound inner recalibrations. The Mother’s clear blue light has significantly enhanced your clarity of the present and for some, of the past.

When will it be sufficient to restart in a new way the engine of your global life? We cannot tell you precisely because we are not making the changes. You are. We live outside of the frame of time as you know it.

There are many, many excellent ideas, new technologies, smart ways to think and imagine and create together. All these ways are coming into wider comprehension. The population is eager for shift now rather than apprehensive.

Will the engine slowly start, will it sputter, will it roar forth? You are one cog in it. You are the One who will make one small change and that will influence another. Each One is this One.

You are working through energetic patterns. Every day, all through the day, your habits of thought start. You notice them, how they feel. You take the time to choose to proceed or not down any particular thought track. This means your daily awareness is broadening. Broader allows more choice.

We support you in every moment of choice, in every moment of respite, in every moment of contemplation, and in every moment of action. We are with you in love. Be in peace as you go forth.

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