At the Ready

We are always at the ready to assist you. We can help in many ways once you open your heartmind to us. This you know, as you join with us each morning. It is for your growth and freedom that we continually support you. Things are always working out for you.

For your world now the movement is forward. You have all taken a collective in-breath and now the out-breath. A big sigh. Relief. So much has been going on below the surface of your government. The stalling by factions of government has moved you collectively to a new level of awareness. Now you will begin to see new ways of coming into agreement.

During this time have you noticed that inside, you are and have been calmer even amidst the storm? It is so for many. While the surface activities may have been intended to keep you roused in irritation and anger, our energies, the love and clear light of the Mother, and the energies of the whole Company of Heaven have been infusing you with more light, more comprehension, more ease. All so that you would be ready to move forward when the time is ready. It will be swift now—the tumbling of the last of the old system and the old guard.

Be joyful that you have been participant in this cycle of change. It’s going to be quite exciting. You are ready. We are always at the ready to assist you. Go in confidence and peace. All will be well. We love you this day and every day.

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