Truth and Happiness Spreading

You are all doing so well. We see you shining more and more from your own true inner light. All these days and months of aligning with the great I AM Presence puts/keeps you in the flow of good things entering your life. Accept them with ease and gratitude, allow them to support your sense of worthiness, your sense of aliveness and well-being. Yes, this is how life is to be lived, unfolding naturally into more.

So many dear humans have doubts and questions about their self-worth. Most of these thoughts are old, well-worn thoughts that can be cast aside. Now, in the light of your expanding consciousness, you can live more in your fullness. You can let such limiting ideas go. They serve you not at all.

We see you and know you as beings of immense light and creative power. Your days can be like strings of blessings, ready to happen in each moment. Can you find that feeling within you? It is in the light of the I AM Presence, in the Mother’s blue light, in your core. This is who you are at your core. Truth and happiness spreading out, radiating joy. Whenever you touch this core, you know who you are.

Your greatest responsibility right now—it’s not the job or the house or the car or the blog. It’s not the money. Your greatest responsibility is to find ways to feel as good as you can, in the moment, where you are, as it is.

For you, feeling the Mother’s blue light brings immense, flooding, radiating joy. Feel the waves of joy. This is how the dolphins feel as they leap.

We love you, in each splendid moment.

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