Your Road to Freedom

We stream love and light to you continually, as you allow it. You are opening to grace more every day; your capacity to receive is expanding. You notice that snatches of memory, images, incidents, and conversations from the past are rising up like currents of air. They rise, move through your awareness, and then float away along with the emotions of those times and moments. An effective yet effortless release is accomplished in this way. You have outgrown the memories. You need not keep them, but by your observation, you can see that they are gone. Just a fondness remains. This is how you continue to clear and release. This is your road to complete freedom. It is your choice and you make it daily. Good work.

photo by Bill Baird

pelagic dolphins

Your cousins the dolphins called you yesterday and you heard them from the water. Their range of sending sound/sonar is enormous. What you may not realize is that your sphere of light is also enormous. They can see/feel you from the bay. When you arrive at the ocean edge, you see their display and their delight. This quality of smooth flowing colors your interactions now. The pleasure of life grows.

We see the coming months bringing significant change to the financial system in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa. Where there has been deep poverty, there will be great upliftment. We see it happening without calamity or exploitation. The good will of the people is calling forth the new world. Money is the current currency and it will be used to show the way to abundance, but joy will become the real currency.

We love your ease and we congratulate you on your wonderful, continued growth. The Light and Love of Creator/Source is with you. We are loving you.

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