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Our wish is to be with every person, every family, every gathering, be it around a table, a fire, a tent, or a cooking pot. Our wish is to overlight each gathering and every breaking of bread. To be also … Continue reading

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Watched over in Tenderness

These days are for your collective grief, anguish, sorrow, and hopelessness to be brought up together. Not for deepening the sense of loss, but for releasing back to God and Gaia. The collective soul was wounded in those moments in … Continue reading

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Your Flame of Truth

We are with you when you waken, as you prepare your food for breaking fast, as you ready yourself for your day. We help you to be in best alignment with spirit in ways that benefit you, for goodwill and … Continue reading

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We Greet You in Your Pure and Hopeful Outlook

The layers of memory are deep. The rich soil of experience holds you in associations of grief but also freedom. At the heart of these losses is the deep yearning for freedom. You will know such freedom. We join you … Continue reading

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Cultivating Ease

This beautiful day, the turning leaves, the turning tide. It moves toward positive in every sector. Your hearts can be glad as the rising tide of hope continues within you and out in the manifest world. Keep your hearts true. … Continue reading

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Changes from Within

The times are mightily changing—yes it is true. It is happening from within. Like the days and nights now. The balance of light and darkness, heat and cold are changing, but you still recognize when it is morning. Inside yourselves, … Continue reading

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