Changes from Within

The times are mightily changing—yes it is true. It is happening from within. Like the days and nights now. The balance of light and darkness, heat and cold are changing, but you still recognize when it is morning. Inside yourselves, the turn toward positive, hopeful, and uplifting is more present, more prominent, more immediate. You all want good things for yourselves, for your families and communities, and for the great masses of humanity whom you do not know. Your nobler, clearer aspects rise within you and guide you.

We guide you also, if you invite us, if you let us. The entire Company of Heaven is deeply involved in this transformation. Every day more positive and purposeful change is occurring. Avoiding the news media’s onslaught of crisis and disaster is a good way to keep your center, to keep yourselves in the right direction. Changes in government are occurring at every level. Some quite dramatic shifts will be evidenced this week. As you learn to understand them, you will feel heartened more and more.

We commend your steadiness and resilience. We love you always. Be in peace.

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