Cultivating Ease

This beautiful day, the turning leaves, the turning tide. It moves toward positive in every sector. Your hearts can be glad as the rising tide of hope continues within you and out in the manifest world. Keep your hearts true. You are the tide rising.


In every endeavor now, intend the best outcome for all. State your intent out loud if you are able; state it inside your heart in every instance of decision. Bless your days by this one focus. The ease and gracious love that moves through you rolls out to quietly influence those with whom you speak. This ease can be further cultivated by your attention throughout the day. A few moments of sunlight on your face, a few minutes of serene music, communion with an animal companion or a wild one who has come near to you—these are some small ways to find and further establish your heart in grace.

As your Angels, we live in the grace of diving love. We surround you in this love now.

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