We Greet You in Your Pure and Hopeful Outlook

The layers of memory are deep. The rich soil of experience holds you in associations of grief but also freedom. At the heart of these losses is the deep yearning for freedom. You will know such freedom. We join you in the circles and we overlight your prayers.

You begin to notice your habits of fear fall away and your remnants of doubt shred. The flame of bright hope lies quiet, waiting to rise and infuse you again. The flame will rise from your prayers. There will be a new course for liberty and freedom and it will be yours. The complexities of the undertaking are met by your willingness to persevere. Each day you have another opportunity.

We greet you in your pure and hopeful outlook. We see so many of you opening to larger dreams and visions—images you have on waking, images and deep experiences of communion with the many beings who love and support you. You know in the deepest part of your Self that you are not alone. You can feel your loved Ones close. You await the meetings of confirmation.

So you stand at the ocean edge and immediately the heads and sleek bodies of the otters leap and dive before you. The great brown pelicans glide in long formations at the energetic edge of water and air. Effortlessly they follow one another over the waves. Pods of dolphins swims so close to shore in front of you. Do you hear their call? “We are joy! We are your joy!” When they leap in the water, do you not feel joy? They show you joy in action. It is their nature. It will be your nature, too, as the unfolding continues.

clouds over the land

And when the skies are dark, when the wind blows over all the vegetation, when the rain fills puddles and streams, the Earth also comes into her balance. The larger view always shows this move to balance and greater stability. You cannot make the rivers rise or fall, nor can you stop the wind in its course, but you can see the power. You can feel it. You are part of these forces of nature.

At this powerful time, within the cycles of full moons, eclipses, solar flares, and giant weather systems, you can be calm and steady. We support you and encourage you in this attitude. Your point of awareness is your key. With each breath you can align with pure light, the great I AM Presence, and the core of Terra Gaia.

In every manner and in every instance we see you, we bless you, we honor you, and we love you.

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