Watched over in Tenderness

These days are for your collective grief, anguish, sorrow, and hopelessness to be brought up together. Not for deepening the sense of loss, but for releasing back to God and Gaia. The collective soul was wounded in those moments in Dallas. It was betrayed in its hope and optimism. But know the lies and deceits will be revealed, and the false hopelessness will be vanquished.

What is important is to feel the sadness as you do all individually and collectively remember where you were when you heard the news. How you felt sitting in front of the TV screen for those three days, watching the ceremony, the cortège, the horse with no rider. Dear people, this great sorrow will be cleansed from your hearts and from the land as the full truth comes to be revealed. It will be known, this we assure you, even as it seems to be still shrouded in mystery and cover-up. There is more wise intelligence involved in these revelations than you can imagine.

Lotus blossum

The tragedy on that day touched so many of your lives. You must feel the feelings, you must let the sorrow go, you must now trust that this great unfolding of consciousness is occurring—in you. You all have “friends in high places,” and those friends and allies watch over you with loving tenderness. So you are strongly overlit.

Now it is time to begin to breathe the air of freedom that is coming to you, that is growing in you. The new dream of collective growth can call you because you have been through the darkest 50 years and now it is time for the light to be victorious. Watch for the signs. See them.

Feel our love for you. Now and always.

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