Growing in Ease and Certainty

That which you await is happening. The opening of your hearts is going well, person by person, in every country. In every instance it is strange and pleasant to make a new choice, take a clear direction, hear an inner knowing. The animals are ready and regularly demonstrate how the barriers between species are dissolving. The four-leggeds, the birds, the elementals are in touch with the light realms and the truth of the Mother’s love. It will be so for humans also before too long. When you sit at the ocean edge or anywhere in nature, you feel the glory and the beauty of the changing light. Those ten minutes of joy feed you in more ways than you know. You grow in ease and certainty that something of magnificence is coming.


The time is intense. It is the pull and the call of new life, even in these shortening days. The reval is ready to go. The documents have been signed and the funds are available. All will benefit. The dark uses all its old tricks and they accomplish nothing but delays. They do not start another war, they do not induce pandemics. They cannot raise the danger level. They can only distract you. But now you are wise.

Go into your holidays with the true spirit of love and justice for all. These will be two of the qualities of your new world. Others are peace, contentment, honor, joy, abundance, and truth. Your lives will be filled with pleasure and true connection to each other, to animals and plants—to all of Earth—and soon the sky. Be in ease as these days offer you opportunity to see the unfolding. If you are caught in the distractions, that will be the last of it. There is only good happening for you all. This we promise.

It is a wonderful life even now because of your strength and steady core of truth. The days may be getting shorter in the northern hemisphere, but the new world energy is rolling in across the globe. If you feel it in your life now, know it will grow exponentially in the coming days.

We love you so much. Now and always.

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