You Are Part of This Awakening

The days may be getting shorter, but the light on your planet is bright and getting brighter each day. It is splendid to see. It is glorious to be part of this great awakening—and you are all part of it. Your reality is changing from the inside out and from the outside in. Such harmonious accord between the inner experience and the outer appearance becomes more common as you grow in consciousness. You may still see discord, but you will watch it dissipate as the days pass. This truly is the season of more light.

shining globe

We ask you to be quiet, kind, and patient as this wave of the Mother’s plan continues to work in you and through you. Your own tendencies toward good will and helpfulness, generosity and appreciation increase. It feels good to be this kind of person. The old habits of criticism, judgment, and unhappiness fall further away. Freedom grows in you. Love grows. Trust enhances your progress. It happens smoothly, in ways that are natural and obvious. Your inner eyes see.

We are thrilled for the very progress we describe in you. We watch you stretch out into your greater selves—lighter, brighter, truer. From our view you are more radiant every day. We see your vibrations rather than your form, so the most subtle and delicate changes are beautifully evident. Humanity is making the change; humanity is the change. You are each so magnificent.

We bless you and we love you. Now and always.

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