Inner Light Increases

It is a time of joy on your Earth. The inner light increases even if the days are short. Your hearts are opening. We see it as we overlight you. Your beautiful human hearts are opening to each other across boundaries that used to be so rigid. Now conditions of state, of religion, of race, beliefs and customs matter less. The sense of a humanity joined in its desire for freedom and equal expression of truth matters more. Behind this, woven through this, supporting this always is the Mother’s love. She is the Queen of Heaven. Our love flows to you because of Her.

The Angels grow in your awareness at such times. The pictures of us may be of your imagination but they are based on our emanations; the love that you feel is real. This is our truth always. In these days, these times, the possibility of connection is much greater. You are more open to evidence that your lives are overlit. You have wondrous moments of deep joy as you sing together, as you make traditional foods together, as you join in prayer. Then we are with you; we are there, part of your heart’s delight.

sun on hand gesture

The sun shines equally on all. The moon nears fullness equally for all to see. And our love surrounds you and all in your realm—every human, every being, every live thing. Our singing Hallelujah is for you as you sing out the same.

All is well and so bright now. All is blessed and infused with love. Be in peace. All is well.

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