New Moon New Year

New Moon

Be easy with yourself this new moon. Let your eyes receive this growing light. Yes, let this next new day and its gentle light reach you. Relax, for the rising of humanity’s glory is upon you. This will be a year of surprises and abundance. You have done your looking back, now let us look forward.

Starting from now, this very minute, where are you—in your emotions? in your faith? in your health? in your connections to the Earth, the small creatures, the stars? Are you full of wonder at the magnificence laid out before you, even in your one life on this day? You did not arrive at this point by yourself. Many in this realm and more have been with you. They continue to be with you today. You are not alone.

Your heart is strong and steady. Your limbs carry you forward. Today is one step. Even in the quiet of not-knowing there is a deeper knowing in place. You will feel it. Be easy. You are loved.

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