Trust the Great Forces at Work Here

We love you so much. For so long your human condition has been one of feeling confined and troubled, feeling less than. These are some of the oldest thoughts and belief threads. You do well to let them pass through you. You need not take them and re-own them. Your good work makes you more fluid, so this deep strata can arise. Please do not chastise yourself here. Even when you feel this ancient muck, do you not sense the pure silence of the Divine around you, underneath it all? You are held gracefully in the night in your dream body. Your light is not dimmed even when you do not feel it. You are so much stronger now, delicate in that strength, vulnerable and tender in it, not rigid.

Great Forces

The light that is transforming you is operating at the finest cellular and molecular levels. In the process every single aspect of constraint or condition is being affected. All the subtle movements inside you make for shifting feelings. It is doubt that is leaving by this process; it is not lodging further in you. So we ask you to trust. Trust yourself. Trust your guidance. Trust the great forces at work here in the elegant ground of your being. We have not been with you through the ages to abandon you now.

Waves of nameless anxiety come up. Let yourself cry or sigh or moan. Make the sounds so they move out of you. You are not doing anything wrong here. You are alive in the molding of the clay by your attention. Ease comes in between the waves of release, like a woman in labor. Your new self is emerging. Let not your thoughts re-constrict you now. All is well. All will be well.

When you see the sky so vast above you, one little cloud cannot hide it. In yourself, the ease is around every ripple of unease. You are the home of ease, even now. Go now and feel it in your stride, your stroke, your clear eyes. All is well.

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