A Pause Before the Next Wave


One wave of change has moved across the planet. Now a pause before the next wave comes. This is a time again to let go those old ways. This is not a time for fretting. [“Fretting is so 3D,” they say with laughter.] This is a time for expectancy and receivership. The time is upon you to show your blessings. You are new each day.

You have choices where you place your attention. What value is there in the loud noises on the screen or the camera-ready lives of your many celebrities? Is there something to be found in that listening? Most probably not. But in the quiet of a snowfall, in the trickle of a stream or fountain, in the grand movements of stars across the sky—such companionable silence is to be found there. Even a few minutes can give you peace and grounding.

For many the weather takes all of your attention. The cold, the rain, the storms and freezing wind. In these situations you touch the most basic commonality of humans.
Foul weather or beautiful, we give you courage and grace in all circumstances.

Remember to call on us, your angelic helpers and body guardians. Each of you is within our care and under our loving gaze. The Company of Heaven overlights the entire evolution of your planet. We are with you now. We love you now.

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