Coming into the Grace of Existence

Your life is for shining out the light that you are: the light of the Mother, the light of the Divine. You do this as a human, but gradually you change by such an infusion and transmission. You need not have a long-life plan in order to be of service to humanity now.

Sit here in the morning and watch the sky touch the day into light. See rose and gold in between the branches, silhouetting the movements of birds. You need do nothing more than notice. Feel the warmth from your heater as it reaches you, wraps around your feet, your legs, your shoulders. Breathe easily. You accept this day from its beginning. You accept yourself in this day just as you are. You accept your responsibilities when they call you out into action.

Allow it to be true once again that you are precisely where you need to be, that outcomes are forming even now from your seed thoughts and intentions. Follow the quiet promptings of your heart. Ask for support. Your Angels are at the ready to assist you. It brings such gladness every time you consciously invite and then receive assistance from the higher realms. You are coming into the grace of existence. You are doing it every day, from your smallest personal insights, from your gestures of kindness, from the positive turn in your thoughts.

This very day, this ordinary, beautiful, clear and shining day is yours. It is full of riches—sunlight on a branch, weather moving across the landscape, the sea, the clouds, the flights of birds, the abiding strength of trees. Let beauty find you.

drops on a branch

Let your heart be calm. Let your own peaceful presence be the center of the day, around which grace and loveliness can flow. In this quiet moment now, be blessed. We love you.

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