Getting Ready for the New

You are doing so well. You are all doing so well. The upwelling of feeling, even doubts, but more so hope, is clearing you at deeper levels, getting you ready for the new.

Dear children of light—at any age you are like our children because we love you and look after you—we see you grow in your expressions of kindness, in your graciousness, in your acceptance of differences. You see you are more alike now than you are different. You are made from holy substance. You are held in highest respect for your dedication. You are cherished for your being here and now.

You came into the world to be part of this immense transformation and every day you participate in it. In the nights too, we go together with the Mother to areas of distress to give ease to those souls.

This great cycle of growth is made up of love, comfort, compassion, and ease. Then the circle turns again and you are at another place in it. Offering and receiving are both important. Emotions that diminish you are less, those that expand you are on the increase. And so you grow.

These times are of such momentous change that you literally cannot imagine. You cannot because you are not yet in the full knowing just how well the grand orchestration of the Mother’s plan is playing out. This unfolding is utterly and completely beyond words. You won’t need words nor will you want words when you live in the fullness of the divine perfection that is working out.


So you are in your particular places, honing, smoothing rough edges, deepening; you are relaxing more and breathing more. Each one of you is reshaping a part of the world, be it through renovating a room or a property, starting a new project, relocating, beginning a new phase of your life. Many are departing, for their work here in body is complete. Those loving souls can assist you now in your greater expression of wholeness and new hope. You are coming into clear alignment with your dreams and your visions of a better world. You each work on a piece of the Plan.

You know this but you forget. We, as your Angels, are one with your wholeness. We breathe you. We are your light with no shadow. Such impossible conundrums of words, yet such unutterable bliss and delight, which you will know: your magnificence as sovereign beings in the universe.

Until then, we are your Angels. You are not alone. Even ‘solitary’ is too confining a word. In your growing awareness of being—in your sovereignty—you feel connected to the animals, the trees and plants, the birds, the waters, the stars. We are with you throughout the beauty of this very day.

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