Grounded Ease

The great wheel is turning, now the cross-quarter day, halfway between solstice and equinox. The ancients knew these passages were important to mark, to give hope and assurance that the light was increasing. The deep mystery of these passages touch all on Earth. Do not struggle against the very day, but take delight in it as it opens and as it ends.

Breathe three conscious breaths and come to some ease. Grounded ease. Grounding light helps you find your stability again. Throughout the day—driving, sitting at a desk, walking, eating—you can ground light (with the great I AM Presence) through you and into the heart of Gaia. This one practice will help you, every day. There is nothing to fear.

We love you. When we sit together, when you catch our words, whether it is every day or once a week, we love you. We love your stillness, your steadiness, your growing ease. We love your clear eyes, which see the emerging beauty around you. Your world goes through its path of change to come to higher frequency. In many areas the collective vibrations are higher and clearer than they have ever been. You see the value of collaboration and caring. The influence is powerful because your energies are clear. You are less conflicted as you go forward in the light.


Many of you are now operating easily in these higher frequencies and you are attracted to quiet beauty and the changing landscape of light. This reflects the grace of your true being, always at ease in the world. It will be, this time of great awakening and rejoicing. The divine plan is working out, every day, throughout Gaia. The wild creatures, the birds, those who inhabit the forests and the vast seas, they know. As you come to know yourselves as beings of light, you will know. Let the light ease you, soothe you, and bless you. We do. We love you. All of you. We love you.

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