The Greatest Changes

People of good heart, you come together to be in the light, which is stronger when you are together. Small groups or large, including readers of this blog, we welcome you. We join you. We enliven your feelings of well-being. You feel gracious and easy in these days no matter what the task. It is because you are more in harmony with yourselves. The natural ease of life begins to be the truth of your reality.

There are changes in governance, in finance, breakthroughs in healing, ways of utilizing energy and technology. These will be for the benefit of all humanity. We suggest that you listen less to the news media, which inflate stories of tragedy and mayhem. There is much to notice of good, seeing with soft eyes, with your heart.

The greatest changes are occurring in yourselves, dear people. Overlit by your Angels and guided by the Company of Heaven, your lives feel comfortable even as great transformations are going on.


Are you sleeping better? Are you making better food choices? Are you feeling joy in the accomplishment of tasks? Are you more loving to your family? Are you in wonder at the beauty of nature? Are people kinder in your neighborhood? Dear Ones, in such small and daily ways the changes in your lives are made manifest. You may be more creative, happier, more content, more at ease. All these qualities are just a foretaste of your life in full consciousness. Now you begin to know it is true.

We love you in your quiet moments, when the light shining on the face of a beloved or an animal or a tree fills you with joy. We love you in your physical labors, in your caring acts, in your enjoyment at the challenge of sport. If you are following your heart, you will serve the light and fulfill your lifetime purpose.

We love you now and bless you always.

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