You Will Be Strengthened

We are with you now. This morning, any morning, you open your eyes and your hearts to us and we are there. These rumblings within are your small holdings-on when met with the next wave of the universal Mother’s great love. It is reaching you, cleansing you within Her abundant clarity and grace. You feel it subtly or strongly as it moves across your world. Blessed people—that you are alive for this immense good fortune, to be in Her love now.

So what comes up, again and still, are the vagaries and anxieties of your old human existence. They arrive now for further cleansing and release. It will be done. Your places of tension—in thought or in body—will be loosed. Each time a wave washes through you, there can be a time of discomfort or fear or confusion. But be certain that each time you feel your own small self holding on, it will be within Her vast and gracious embrace. Each time you trust a little more that you will make it through, and you do.

You are such worthy beings. When you do not know this or forget this, your oldest patterns and limited beliefs are activated. Maybe when you were children you did not have places to turn, maybe it seemed there was no one to hear your cry. The deeper truth is that we, your Angels, and of course the Mother, were and are throughout the universe. Now you can recover from anxiety, you can feel the release as you let all the forces of light assist you. Call on us. Call in the great I AM Presence to flush you through with light. Once you did not know, but now you know.

Every time you take this small step of stopping, asking for support, trusting us to be with you, and then feeling somewhat better, you will be strengthened. You will be heartened. You will be encouraged to remember. Large peace comes in small steps. Let yourselves have it. Be in ease. Be at peace. We love you so much.

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One Response to You Will Be Strengthened

  1. christine Bakalis says:

    Thank you for letting me know the angels are quietly at work in my life! Love, Christine


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