You do well to proceed in your steady, heartfelt manner. Carefully but not necessarily with caution. These are delicate times, and the energy is positive. Let yourselves have the beginning of a new ease. Be not afraid.

The Earth is rising in her light vibration. When you ground light through your body into her, your first mother, you help her every day. Let the Earth help you too.

shining globe

Even the smallest indications of progress are strengthening for you. You have reached a sufficient degree of awakened consciousness so you will be buoyed up by the news you hear. You will see the evidence in more areas of your life. Technology, finance, business, family life—the turn-over to new thinking happens in all of the sectors. For your good now. For your good, like a change in the weather, and it is definitely Spring.

If you can, in your life, go outside and breathe. The very air is full of potency. If you can walk outside, let this great, vibrant Earth pulse beneath you in waves of rising light. No one is immune to these light emanations. Your Earth is stabilizing you as you are grounding light into her.

You have lived all these years and lifetimes, sustained by the Company of Heaven and the great being who is Earth. Can you recognize the graciousness of your position? You are sovereign beings growing in light, as your home is rising in vibration. What a splendid time to be alive.

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