Each Stop a Reset

The warmth of the sun, the smell of fresh bread, the birds singing—you see life goes on, the seasons move forward in their cycle, endlessly. And so you grow and change, each of you, internally and externally. Do not fear. The human collective is rising in awareness every day.

You may feel pressure one day and freedom and expansion the next. You may notice memories or scenes from your youth; you may feel exhaustion; you may know bliss. You are all within this transforming universe and its waves of contraction and expansion, squeezing and releasing old energies. At the same time you are adapting to the ever-increasing light. And while you do not know exactly how you will be transformed, you know deeply that you are growing.

Your awareness of what is real and what is false clarifies; what is necessary, what is irrelevant. Inside of you, in your core, you know. In your heart also, your know more and trust more. You love more. The sound of morning birdsong, the distinct fragrance of a first-blooming flower fresh with dew. The appearance of the bees. Each of these and many more give you the opportunity to acknowledge, to appreciate, to just stop and feel good. All it takes to allay your concerns is your breath and your awareness. Allowing the small joys and moments in your individual day. Each small stopping is a reset.


Your world is being reset and you must be too. Your life can be harmonized from your heart. As you grow, you find the center of your awareness is your heart. Holding a question or a concern within your heart—lovingly, easily, without effort—allows you to receive/hear/feel the answer.

We know you intimately and see your grow. So trust yourself again and still. Trust yourself and the guidance from your wise heart. We are behind the impulse. We help you know yourself more every day. The entire universe conspires to help you grow. We, your Angels, work with you so you can know this in your day, right now. Just now, even now, feel our love. This is what is true.

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2 Responses to Each Stop a Reset

  1. sophiebowns says:

    Wow, such a beautiful post & lovely image!


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