Breaking New Ground

The Mother Earth is jubilant at your light levels. There is nothing to be afraid of. You break new ground with every step you take.

new ground

Throughout your  journeys, you have the companionship of the Angels. Thus you offer wisdom. You offer comfort. You offer a bright afternoon in a wider frame. You break paradigms. You are not like any one else. That is so. Do not let your unique skills and offerings make you feel less than. You are more than.

It is marvelously transforming on your Earth. You are in touch with the streams of change. They do move across the entire planet.

Be the open eyes. Be the kind heart. Think less about yourself and BE the centered thought. Steady, safe, peaceful, open, trusting. Have your attention on these. Not the wind as it moves across your fingertips. Your power is in your attention. You are brave for doing this. Transformation is in the offing.

Be your brave and steady Self. It is love you carry. Our love.

Our love is with your now. We love you and your brave heart.

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