Joyous in the Blue Wave

The Mother’s wave of love is so great, yet bearable; huge, not overwhelming. Just the right amount of whelm for when the Great Universal Mother Mare rolls out her blue diamond wave flight, wave light across the planet. Into Everyone. Into you.

Sometimes it is a couch of blue cloud in your lap. Sometimes the blue wave crashes out from your chest. Sometimes it roars out from your belly in a blue curl.

You are carrying Her wave of love now.


Know also the new land is forming. Imagine it, see it with your inner eye. The scope of your vision is elastic. Follow what interests you. The new life experiences beckon you.

For many, the promptings are received in quiet, or to say better received in quiet. Guidance, signs, indications, confirmations—are you seeing them more in your daily life? That is the live edge now, to follow such small promptings. The gentle, inexorable turning away from fear-based thought to instead follow some thing that is calling you forward. It could be a voice, it could be a strong energy vibration in your body, it could be goose bumps. It could come as certainty in your gut or in your heart.

The shift is being felt as it rolls across the globe. Humanity is receiving the Mother’s great blue wave of love. Beyond blessing that so many souls could receive it, open to this engulfing, buoyant, safe, enormous love wave—ahhhh.

Each One of you is carrying out Her love wave, even by this reading and receiving now.

The Angels are as glistening spray on the crests—delighting in the perfection of each wave of the Mother. We are joyous.

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