Growing in Wisdom Light

We greet you always with joy and blessing. You begin to see and sense us with the first words. This fluttering between things—be it dimensions, thoughts, or visions. We are momentarily displaying, showing to you an instant of movement of light. Just such a small noticing is exactly what is called for in these days.

Your larger astronomical cycles are aligning, as are your cultural and spiritual festivals. Days of awe and reverence blend with days of harvest and abundance. More cycles coming into harmonious alignment. Your similarities as humans on this planet become more obvious.

full moon

You have all had the power of the full moon and eclipse, whether seen or not. The energy is thick in the air, but difficult to express. So we assist you by very precise indications that you will recognize. A moment of knowing. The way is intimate for each One. We see you speedily increasing your light quotient, growing in wisdom light. Your knowing is stronger now, stronger than doubt. Your oldest patterns can still catch you, but you know now to pay attention. You can release the pattern more deeply. More light can infill you. With each passing day you become more light.

By this sitting with us, your whole self is in ease and grace. We slip around you like a cloak. Here, knowing is the same as love.

As you grow, you see how many things are the same thing. It becomes self-evident. Wholeness and Oneness. Self and Source. Truth. Light.

Until you see it, you cannot see it. Just like us. Once you see us, you know.

Bless you. Bless your eyes. Bless your heart. Bless you always.

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