We Meet You Where You Are

We meet you where you are. We meet you in your heart. You need not be in joy in order to feel us and connect with us. All the universe is available for joy, and if you do not feel it in this moment, our connection with you is not lessened.

You think joy must mean big leaps and splashes of happiness, and it often is that. But quietly feeling the warmth of a cozy bed on a cold morning counts. Seeing the sky so clear and blue after the rain counts. Hearing the big crows hopping on the roof counts. We help you build some momentum out of these moments and awareness.

You will today walk and drive and buy fruits of the season. You will see the leaves and the changing landscape. You will talk with friends and be glad for them in your life. What makes a day rich is the awareness you bring to the things you do and say. So when you pick out the apples, let yourself feel the limbs and the wind and the sun that produced them. When you buy the orange squash, feel its round fullness in your hands. Breathe in the scent and the beauty of trees as they transform. We delight with you in the senses. You have them for your joy.


One day at a time, you say. We say, One minute at a time, one second, this instant. We are with you in it. Feel that ease drop around you; it is one of your ways of knowing. Know it now. We are here.

There will be a time, now soon coming, when you will know with complete certainty and clarity that you are not alone, that your Angels have been with you through everything. Yes.

We love you.

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1 Response to We Meet You Where You Are

  1. Lauri Morgan says:

    Dear Jen,
    This is so perfect. The power of the message of ease and trust can never be expressed too many times.


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