Hope and Possibility

You are surrounded in light. It runs through you along the finest pathways. You are flowing in light, more and more. Let this ripple out from you as quiet ease.

We have been “talking” with you for most of your life. You have listened. At first just some words, then longer streams of thought. Now you are able to hear clearly and well. Do not doubt this. The words resonate because they come from Truth through truth.

We bless you. You help the people of the world know the simple fact:
There are angels. You have one (or more).

Because of this certain knowledge that you have, you can walk out into the day, whatever the mood of the people, and you can be a center of light. Walking down the road, driving in your car, shopping in the market, whether you speak or not, your awareness and the backdrop of love and support from the Angels make you a valuable expression of positive life energy. Hope and possibility are needed at this time. You offer it by your being.

You cannot do anything “wrong.” You demonstrate grace and courage and kindness. You present clear expressions of strong, high energy. This helps you and the entire collective.

Tonight the moon is nearly full. Such is your light.

full moon

We are with you in loving affection.

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