Your Unique Lovelight

It is your humanness that we love. Your unique traits and attributes—inherited, chosen or not—everything that makes you exactly the evolving light being whom you are. By reading these words, you are demonstrating that you are attracted to and drinking in the Light. Subtly, but now, perhaps, perceivably, you find yourself feeling better. It is a general and gentle movement as you come more into connection with us.

You are not alone in these chaotic and changing times. You each have your own Angels, and now you begin to know the larger realms and frequencies as well. Ask for assistance often and receive it. The distractions are loud and varied, yet we are with you as the old ways crumble.

The transformation that is going on is greater than a creature shedding its skin. You are shedding your lives while still living them. Paying attention to your thoughts and habits is our best advice. It is yourselves that you are learning. Let new ways of doing things come easily to mind. Thought by thought and habit by habit the old falls away.


These are extraordinary times. Hold fast to what is intangible in you: your lovelight and what ignites and fuels that light. You will know in your heart.

Humanity’s awakening is inevitability. You are part of it. Be in peace.

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One Response to Your Unique Lovelight

  1. Donna says:

    This is an especially clear relay of angelic wisdom so needed right now. Thank you


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