We Usher You In

Now we can begin, in earnest love and sincere devotion to the Mother’s Plan.

The times are momentous, even in these first new days. Your gateways are made new by the streaming light. We usher you in. Let us be with you as you start your new ventures. Let us be part of the guidance you allow yourselves to receive. We love you and words are nothing between us.


We overlight you. We say again and truly, “Use us.” Call us, imagine us, invite us, send us—however you do it. Use us. You will be eased in mind and heart by the shift in frequency. Any situation can be bettered. You can participate in such positive enhancement anywhere, at any time, under any circumstance.

This is not a challenge. It is an invitation. Your Angels are ready and near. If you give over to us more at first thought and through the day, things go better.

You step into what you can do. The many ways to honor and restore Gaia. Ideas come from the young minds, more global in perspective. Soon from your star family solutions will appear, to your inner eye, as imagination, as whispers you hear.

Your inner space becomes larger. Inside it is huge, open, peaceful landscape. Your true abundance of self, abundance of soul, abundance of joy to be realized.

Your life will be bountiful and in harmony, plentiful and splendid.
The only preparation is gratitude, certainty, happiness, and now pleasure and delight.
How good it feels as we co-create: this wonderful work.

We bless you now.

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