Doing Well and Surrounded

What is true is we love you. We love every human, every bird, and plant, and creature. We love you. Love is what we are. You come so often, so frequently into our frequency that you may feel down when you are not in it. It’s OK, but you suffer and you need not.

Things go well for you in the very specific ways that they work for you, not another. Each story, each life is so unique, albeit all on the one journey back to love. Know you are on it and doing well.

The unfathomable changes that are, in fact, underway make this now frequency volatile, mutable, full of distortion and distraction, with many crumblings, and everyone’s story coming apart and together. Very, very challenging.

Take heart, dear One, each One. Things will continue to unfold as we and all your allies observe and intervene as we can. There is nothing amiss. We might suggest even less news than your normal viewing. Go to nature. Smile. Breathe.


Your value is your readiness, your keenness, your attention. You see and hear and integrate constantly. You grow constantly, though now the growth is inward—clarifying and releasing—rather than adding inches. This is a good life, of value to us and to many. Your job is to be it, just yourself, truly.

Be glad even now for your life and your deep worth. Things are transforming and it is a process, like soil. Be not bound by appearances. Outcomes are not what they purport.

We are glad to see you unrushed and not scurrying. Just yourself and the warming days. The sense of yourself surrounded by us—many—and the quiet radiance of your being. Nothing to struggle against.

The world will continue to evolve. You will see changes that you can relate to, changes you can speak about. But mostly inside you: Patience. Kindness. Today it is enough.

We love you now. We bless you now.

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1 Response to Doing Well and Surrounded

  1. Lauri Morgan says:

    Grounding and reassuring. Going back to nature for the sense of connection. Thank you!


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