A Keen Reminder

Your doubt is your humanity; your knowing is your soul. They intermix now, more and more. Each time doubt arises, it feels familiar, a lean into an old thought like, what am I doing here? or what can I do about this?

Just then take a deep breath. Each time you breathe, you take in the companionable love of your own Angels, so near and close with you. In addition, at this astounding time, the great blue breeze of Peace from Archangel Michael flows in and out on every breath. The Mother’s Plan, the outworking of her love and this enormous peace will be in your realizable life. Immense energies support you right now.

In this moment, you let the truth of who you are rise more and be nourished. Of its own, doubt fades. You have transformed yourself by this smallest attention. This is how it goes now. One moment at a time.


The light increases so steadily. How excellent that your clock metaphor matches the truth. There will now be more light, longer light. This is occurring in you.

You have had enough of darkness, greed, fear, blame, and worry. Now the complex weaving together of your cellular intelligence with this lovelight stabilizes you at a new level of function. Within it you are calm. You are steady. You are graceful as your quiet ease increases no matter the circumstance.

We love you so much, dear Ones of humanity. You are each and all expanding out the glory of God by your existence. It is so. When a moment of doubt or fear visits, know that in its wake will be greater strength. It can be a keen reminder that your Angels love you always. Let them. Let us love you now.

With blessing go forth into the increase of light.

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One Response to A Keen Reminder

  1. Lauri says:

    Ahhhh. Perfect with the time change…..


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