Alive with Change (Redux)

The changes that you are feeling in your awareness, in your bodies, in your emotions, in your dreams are happening everywhere. Your planet is alive with great change and it is good. When you see your neighbors, know it is happening in their lives too. In your classrooms and conferences, the new energies are apparent. The desire is for ideas and outcomes that benefit everyone. And this, dear children of the light, is what you can notice and participate in. Let your dreams and ideals lead you. See your future rising out of them. Now is not the time for looking at old movies of war and destruction, nor at twisted stories of violent acts. Now as the light penetrates your awareness constantly and cumulatively, let it do its great work in you.

spring light

You are learning to follow the subtle promptings of a vitally alive and interconnected universe. You are becoming more aware how you receive. What is changing, enlarging, is the way you interpret what comes to you. You find yourselves going more toward things and ideas that interest you rather than fighting and worrying about what you do not want. Finally you are learning to not bother with what used to bother you so much.

You have become familiar with us, your own particular Angels, and the vibration of the Angels, and you know how easy it is. Now allow yourselves to receive more of the blessings of this abundant universe. To surrender in openness to the workings of the universe is a placement of profound trust. You build that trust every time you feel us near, every time you listen and receive guidance [be it by seeing or smelling or however it is for you]. Notice and be glad for the sensitivities that help us to connect with you.

To be at this point of expansion is remarkable. You are doing so well, you shine out with such light. Now and always we love you so much.

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