Your Finest Moment: Here with Us

The rightness of Angels is apparent to your Self, your soul, and all your bodily systems. You feel it. Each level can recognize, be in resonance with the truest aspects of the universe.

 You are truly letting eons of old feeling-material roll out of you. You cannot see it, but the waves of cellular memory have been activated by the cosmic sky story. As your Earth allies align for the good of all, the galactic vibrations make it necessary for each One to let go and allow and also to pay attention. The stories of not-having come to be released. It is time. You have and will have more, much more than enough. Be not afraid now.

When you allow us conscious play in your everyday world, so much good can happen around you and through you. This is a way that you hold, spread, ground, and deepen the growing awareness of goodness. From you it radiates out.

Imagine a wave of coherent resonance encircling this shining planet.

aura of light

So the message of the day: Be happy. Be lively. Be here now. Breathe and be present. Anything we bring to you, any idea we waft through you is to embolden your cognition. Your thinking is uplifted. Be happy. Be grateful. Smile on your life.

When you smile as you do now, softly, it is your finest moment: Here. With us. You can be nowhere else. We have you as you have us. Exponential growth.

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2 Responses to Your Finest Moment: Here with Us

  1. oangels says:

    Brilliant words, my friend. Illumination grows stronger indeed. Thank you.


  2. Lauri Morgan says:

    The model of the upward spiral comes to mind again as contact with the old ways creates a response that becomes weaker and weaker with every round. The new ways with more illumination grow stronger and more familiar as the old ones fade. Thank you. Lead on.

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