Where We Connect

In the center of your heart—that is where we connect—the truth of your being. Not a static truth; rather an area where we can meet. In that meeting each time it is fresh, it is pure. In that meeting each time you are again the light of the world.


The inspired image of the fingers of God and Human nearly touching. Can you feel that spark of light reaching you? The Great Mother, Mare, the sea of love, behind you, at the back of your heart. The pure light enters, each time new and familiar. This grace is so vast, yet the stream touches exactly you, all of you, each of you.

The splendid unfolding is purposeful and we are with you through it all. You know the feeling of being in a river of light. When you bless, when you pray, when you send lovelight assistance. You know this. Also the contrast when you are out of the stream. When the words fall short of clarity, when you cannot express from your heart, when small irritations take your attention—however you speak or not, we are with you. When your voice is raised, or your hand, or your ire, that is the moment to stop. Even one breath will help. Stop. Do not rush ahead. Ask for what you really want: Alignment. Centered peace and deep quiet. Then without much effort, the Yes of Being is known again.

It feels that the world turns as you turn and vice versa. You are very deep in the matter of change, as is the magma of your blessed Earth. You have trusted so far and so widely, you must trust now, this little while longer.

The heads of state meet under many contexts and guises. The crumbling and repurposing of your governmental structures, your banks, your corporations continue. Inside of each of you the same subtle and dynamic reframing is going on. These kinds of changes will allow you more wide understanding. You become able to see the connection between early decisions made unconsciously and the ways they still tug at you when they outpicture in your life.

It is all good from the point of expanding awareness. Every experience and every perception can serve you. We suggest the simple practice of remembering, recalling, re-feeling the huge Light of Being. That is where we connect. We love you. We love you always. Feel the blessing of your life.

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